About Journal

STUDIA POLITICA SLOVACA. Journal for political science, contemporary history and international relations is a scientific peer-reviewed journal for political theory, political systems, political thought, recent political history and international relations. The journal is indexed in CEEOL, ERIH PLUS, CEJSHDOAJ, INDEX COPERNICUS and NSD (Nordic List).

The mission of the journal Studia Politica Slovaca is to contribute to general knowledge and to improve public understanding and awareness of political relations on a national and international scale by publishing academic papers and other information covering a wide range of genres by authors of diverse conceptual positions and political orientations. 

The structure of the journal is as follows: the Studies and Analyses, Personal Profiles and Biographies, Discussion, Reviews and Annotations, News. The Studies and Analyses section constitutes the backbone of the journal. In addition to this section, each issue also includes sections on reviews, annotations and news as well. The personal profiles, biographies and discussions are varied according to current needs. The DOI identifier is assigned to the text published in the Studies and Analyzes and Personal Profiles and Biographies.

The Studia Politica Slovaca journal is published two times per year.

Publisher: Institute of Political Science

Printed by: VEDA, vydavateľstvo SAV

ISSN (printed version) 1337-8163

ISSN (online) 2585-8459