Irrational Attraction of Rationality


Daniel Dobiaš

Studia Politica Slovaca, 2022, vol.  15, no. 2, p. 24-33
Language: English

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The content of political doctrines and dominant lines of practical politics is legitimised by the ef- fort to implement the ideal of a good, free society by applying the idea of reason. At the same time, its performance not only defines the conditions for the theoretical justification of the idea of power, but also becomes a tool for its implementation. The primary goal of this paper is in an endeavour to place the normative nature of current (democratic) political regimes where we encounter the need for a more fundamental theoretical argument that would enable us to respond to their dynamic, often contradictory development. One of the consequences of such fixation is in the division of sciences into the realms of nature and society, the independence of their methodological orientation, or the factual and theoretical division of human reality into rationalism (means, technology, efficiency) and human values and meanings which become the domain of irrationalism. Therefore, from the perspective of modern political systems, irrationally conditioned modelling of reality under the guise of rationality may be considered an important aspect of the ideological compromise between politics, economics, and the media sphere on the lasting continuity of prosperity for the rich ones.

rationalism, irrationalism, reason, knowledge, power

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